The Italian company Polylayertech was founded after many years working in the Extrusion of Polypropylene of all kinds of profiles. This enable PolylayerTech to be one step ahead in sealing and converting market of Polypropylene extrusion grade. The flexibility of the sealing and converting problems remains our main target.
PolylayerTech is located in the North East of Italy, very close to the well known city of Venice.


We are operating in the post Polypropylene extrusion sealing and converting markets and products. Our mission is to solve the welding and converting problem with specific and special customize lines, i.e. edge sealing line for layer pad either on line sealing, Sleeves for boxes, thick and light material, medical boxes and all other requirements for our customers.
We continuously keep interaction with our partners in order to improve the technology, the productivity and to simplify the user-interface of our machines. In this context, Polylayertech particularly puts emphasis on the importance to advance the skill of automation.
This enables our partners to benefit from our high competitive lines in terms of the quality of the products offered to them as well as the productivity of their company.  We offer solutions on any design, sealing and converting issue? We are the only one  capable to offer you the most cost effective and unique solutions for your problems.


We customize lines and your line will be the only line of its kind, it is yours. There will be  no other copies around the world.